The people behind the service

Great IT support does involve cutting-edge technology and reliable systems, but it’s the insight, understanding and expertise of our people that make us a great IT partner. Allow us to introduce ourselves…


  • Marc Juffkins
    Marc Juffkins
    Managing Director
  • Dr Malcolm Newdick
    Dr Malcolm Newdick

Support Team

  • Sam Carter
    Sam Carter
    Team Leader
  • Peter Ellis
    Peter Ellis
    Team Leader
  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis
    Support Engineer
  • Joseph Gray
    Joseph Gray
    Support Engineer
  • Jack Kemp
    Jack Kemp
    Senior Support Engineer
  • Greg Moyses
    Greg Moyses
    Senior Support Consultant
  • Sarah Chamberlain
    Sarah Chamberlain
    Senior Support Engineer
  • George Bonner
    George Bonner
    On-site Support Engineer


  • Jamie Slater
    Jamie Slater
    Infrastructure Architect
  • Tom Shefford
    Tom Shefford
    Project Manager
  • John Turner
    John Turner
    Senior Support Consultant
  • Marcin Panasiuk
    Marcin Panasiuk
    Senior Support Consultant
  • Luke Corradi
    Luke Corradi
    Senior Support Engineer

Account Management

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller
    Sales Manager
  • Miranda Singh Dhansi
    Miranda Singh Dhansi
    Key Account Relationship Manager
  • Calum Clewer
    Calum Clewer
    Account Manager
  • Joanna Channon
    Joanna Channon
    Account & Purchasing Manager

The Rest of Riverbank

  • Dave Garwood
    Dave Garwood
    Head of Operations
  • Sarah Beck
    Sarah Beck
    Finance Manager
  • Aldo Piras
    Aldo Piras
    Business Sales Executive
  • Frae Elford
    Frae Elford
    Administration Assistant