Taking no chances – taking backup seriously

Reliable, secure data backup is a basic but essential measure that safeguards your business’s continued success, even in the face of disaster. And for some companies, it’s just as important to be able to demonstrate effective backup protocol for the reassurance of prospective customers, as it is to have those systems in place. At Riverbank, we look after a huge amount of data for our clients. We’re here to back you up.

One simple precaution, multiple options

The prospect of server failure isn’t pleasant for anyone and its consequences can be dramatic, depending on the nature of your business. Backup support is available in different forms to meet the diverse demands of business infrastructure. By choosing a service that can be carefully adjusted to your circumstances, you’re comprehensively provided for, without paying over the odds.

  • Complicated multiple backups – It’s easy to accrue various backups in different places over time. Backing up in multiple locations is sensible, but if there’s a risk of losing track, complicated arrangements can be more of a hindrance than a help. Rationalise your backups with expert help, and you’ll know where everything is, with fast access to recovered data should you need it.
  • Recovery problems – There’s nothing like a recent recovery failure (or an unsuccessful backup test) to kickstart an overhaul of your backup systems. If the headache of data loss is still fresh in your mind, soothe the pain with professional help. An expert appraisal of your backup procedures will identify weaknesses and help you to plan ahead.
  • Time to start archiving – Backing up data is essential, but it can start to feel like a burden when the storage gets expensive. With the right advice, you can organise and archive, saving money and still protecting the data that’s most important to you day to day.
  • Demonstrating backup procedures – Sometimes it’s simple factors like insurance premiums that cause businesses to think again about their backup procedures. Your IT support provider should be able to liaise with insurance companies, making sure that the necessary demonstrations of backup capability are in place.
  • A weight off your mind in the Cloud – When your data is backed up on site or elsewhere on your own servers, you are responsible for the security of that data. If you back up in the Cloud, the responsibility is – so to speak – your service provider’s problem, making life simpler for you.
  • Know where your data is – It’s good to know that your data is being backed up. It’s even better to know exactly where it is: safe and sound at our data store in Newbury, for example.

Your data is vital to your operation, and secure, effective backup is at the front line in an effective business IT support strategy. We have options available to suit any organisation, no matter the size, working configuration or type of site.

Keep you operation running smoothly with expert backup advice from Riverbank. Call us on 01235 426700 or email enquiries@riverbank.co.uk

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    Backup & Recovery
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    Why is IT security important?
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