There’s no need to be down

Downtime can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major setback, depending on your sector and the nature of your organisation. To safeguard against downtime is to keep your field staff in contact, your emails flowing and, ultimately, your profit margins healthy. There are plenty of measures you can take to protect your operation against problems caused by downtime; Riverbank can help.

Let’s make “situation: normal” the norm

It’s hugely important to take precautions against downtime, and the next logical step is to do everything you can to minimise the downtime you might experience. A solid contingency plan, with alternative ways of working where possible, will make sure that your business continues to operate as close to full capacity as possible. Meanwhile, your internal or external IT support team should set recovery processes in motion, returning your systems to normality without undue disruption.

  • Down with downtime – Companies like Riverbank only exist because the systems we rely on in our business operations are ultimately fallible. Even with the best kit and software money can buy, things can go wrong. With the right support you can minimise the impact and ensure a swift return to normality, turning your problems into molehills, rather than mountains.
  • Downtime costs Downtime can be expensive. IT support that springs into action when you need it most – and provides solid preventative measures – can help to cushion the financial impact of downtime significantly.
  • Hardware considerations – Ideally, your IT support team should work to a specified technical standard in every aspect, including hardware. Riverbank is a Microsoft Managed Partner, which means we’re deemed to be true support experts. We have excellent links to suppliers and fast access to manufacturer support. All this enhances our capability to prevent and manage downtime for our clients.
  • Built-in reliability – It’s possible to build reliability into your IT setup. Our experts can comb your systems to identify single points of failure and remove them by adding further protective measures. For example, better downtime protection could involve adding firewalls or ensuring that your system has a second internet connection to fall back on.
  • Manage avoidable risk – Appropriate maintenance contracts can help to ensure that hardware doesn’t fail. Support can also include serviced hardware that is kept up to date with your workflow and ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice, so the break in continuity between the failure and the fix is as short-lived as possible.
  • Contingency plan – The right IT support will see you prepared to deal with power cuts, power surges and email failure. It can also help you handle hardware loss or damage due to human error – a possibility that even Her Majesty’s Government can’t rule out completely. We are, after all, only human.
  • Response and resolution – Riverbank IT Management’s user database was written specially for us. It connects every point on your swift journey through response and resolution, from the moment you log a ticket. You account manager has access to all the detail, as do the engineers. Tickets go through triage, so we can urgently get you the help you need.
  • Monitoring all over the world – It’s good to know that your IT company can keep an eye on potential problems even when they’re in a different country. With careful monitoring, we can note unusual or fluctuating patterns in your server’s diagnostics – flagging up potential problems before they’re actual problems.

Nothing can eradicate the possibility of downtime. With the right safeguards and planning, the knock-on effects can be limited significantly. All of which helps you to get back up and running faster, with less hassle.

We can help you turn the downtime mountain into a molehill. Call Riverbank today on 01235 426700 or email

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    Fully-managed IT Support
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