Safeguarding your operation, and your clients

Reliable IT security should be taken as read – a mandatory necessity regardless of business size or sector. Organisations operating in sensitive industries require tight security and doubly strong assurances of full system recovery. For some companies, security measures that are demonstrable and documented, as well as effective, are essential for winning new business. There is a balance to be struck between necessary security measures and effective working. Riverbank are experts in the field.

Making security a priority for everyone

Certain security measures should be taken for granted as a matter of best practice. Beyond these, the nature of your IT security provision will reflect the type of business you run. Today’s technology environment demands that businesses consider the client data they keep, as well as the safety of their own information, when planning IT security. New threats are developing all the time; the best defence is to maintain your security and keep them up to date.

  • The IT landscape – In many cases, the IT system has changed from a castle-like system, with defences in concentric layers around a central point, into an archipelago of different access points, each of which needs its own set of security measures. These two very different structures warrant different approaches to security.
  • Make it a habit – Every individual who uses your system contributes to your IT security, and it’s up to everyone to take responsibility – educating your team is a crucial line of defence. Although it’s impossible to rule our human error entirely, good habits ensure good practice and minimise the risk of mistakes and problems.
  • Take control – Good security practice lies in getting control of your affairs. We’re experienced in developing sets of security standards based on what you need and the nature of your business. There are many different factors that feed in to your overall IT security, and we’ll help you identify and implement standards for every layer, from application permissions and guidelines about downloads to password requirements and restrictions on hardware travel.
  • Identify weaknesses – When rethinking your IT security, a good place to start is subjecting your system to an audit and penetration testing. These processes seek out holes and vulnerabilities in your IT – single points of failure. Remedies for these problems form the basis of your new security protocol.
  • Know where your (and their) data is – Keeping confidential intellectual property or client information safe is an important consideration in your IT security protocol. It’s essential to be able to reassure clients that their data is being handled securely and professionally.
  • Staying up to date – Technology is ever-changing, and changes have implications for every business. Staying up to date is vital to your IT security. That means keeping abreast of updates and ensuring that your system can make potential threats visible, so that you can put pre-emptive measures in place.

In many ways, IT security is a constant battle. But you can choose to look at safeguarding your operation as an opportunity. An opportunity to educate your company about IT security, and to demonstrate to prospective clients that you hold the security of your data and theirs in the highest regard.

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  • Why is IT security important?
    Why is IT security important?
    Working tirelessly to repel security threats, safeguarding you and your clients.
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    Backup & Recovery
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