1. Contact us

From the very beginning of what we hope will be a long relationship with Riverbank, you make the choice about how to reach out to us. You can call us on: 01235 426700, email enquiries@riverbank.co.uk or fill out an enquiry form.

Outbound Call

2. Outbound call

Whether you get in contact with us by phone or by email, you’ll be directed straight to our Business Development team. One of the team members will have a chat with you to find out about your company, your IT requirements and where you see your business going. The sort of things we’ll want to understand will include: the amount of servers you have and where they are in their life-cycle; your current number of users; if your business is based at one or multiple sites; whether you’re considering remote or fully-managed IT support; the duration of your current IT support contract and any issues with your current provider.

Face to face meeting with us

3. A face-to-face meeting with us

After the initial phone call to understand more about your business, we’ll get a meeting in the diary for a member of the Business Development team to come out to your offices.

During this visit to your site, we’ll find out more about your business needs and discuss what Riverbank can do for your company to improve and support your IT requirements. We’ll be looking to understand your day-to-day needs and identify any issues that Riverbank can resolve.

IT Audit

4. IT Audit

Based on the information from the initial meeting, we’ll get one of our Senior Engineers out to your site to complete a full IT Audit. This is the opportunity to get under the bonnet of your IT infrastructure. From this, we can understand how it’s running now and take a strategic look at how Riverbank could improve your IT system with your own company’s vision being front-and-centre.

Our Senior Engineer will be with you for 1 or 2 days. At the end of this work, we will deliver a full report of findings and recommendations.

Proposal Stage

5. Proposal stage

Once we have consolidated all of our findings from the IT audit and reflected back to the face-to-face meeting, we look to create a custom solution to the issues that have been raised and improvements you’d like to achieve. We’ll put this into a business proposal and send it over to you for your consideration. This proposal will contain recommendations for your network, software, hardware, security and storage.

On Boarding

6. On-boarding

During the on-boarding process, a member of our Business Development team will meet with our technical department, giving a comprehensive handover of your IT needs. At this stage, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will get in touch to introduce themselves.

Soon after, your assigned Account Manager and Business Development contact will come to meet you at your offices. During this meeting we will discuss your communication preferences; the main point of contact for your company and confirm our understanding of your current and future IT support needs.

Also at this time, a Senior Engineer will be sent to your site to asset tag all of your hardware.

Welcome Pack

7. Welcome pack

As an official client you’ll receive: your welcome pack and service desk contact cards; an introduction to your Riverbank team; a guide to access the Riverbank Client Portal.

At Riverbank IT, we truly believe in becoming your strategic business partner, so this is just the beginning of the relationship. We welcome open dialogue and will regularly touch base with you to ensure we’re delivering to the high level of service you expect of us. We’re here to help make your life easier by taking your IT challenges and making them our own.