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A powerful and scalable set of services that increase collaboration, security and your bottom line

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Scalable solutions that allow you to deliver outstanding services and stay ahead of the competition

To meet the changing demands in our increasingly virtualised world, organisations need an efficient remote workforce that can securely access and collaborate on internal systems and files from anywhere. To achieve this, many businesses are adopting Microsoft cloud solutions:

  • Microsoft 365, a suite of cloud-powered versions of familiar productivity and communication tools with added cutting-edge features
  • Microsoft Azure, a feature-rich platform with advanced capabilities to support organisations with numerous demanding applications

Riverbank makes your journey to the cloud seamless and cost-effective

Despite conferring powerful benefits, migrating to the cloud without detailed analysis and professional planning exposes your business to numerous security and operational risks. Many of our clients have found that working with Riverbank helps them avoid such complexities. Our IT specialists will learn your needs, help you select the Microsoft cloud solution that best serves your needs, and complete a fast, secure migration to ensure your employees can leverage the benefits of the cloud immediately.

Leverage or build on your investment
in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is Microsoft’s primary cloud platform for desktop applications that help improve collaboration and operational efficiency while also reducing costs. To many businesses, it has become the ‘best of all worlds’ option because:

Powerful and familiar desktop applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are a core part of the service

Email and related services are provided via Microsoft Outlook and tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange

The Teams application combines project-oriented document storage with collaboration tools such as team calendars, chat, web conferencing, and voice communication

Cloud-based file storage in OneDrive is available to every user, with the additional convenience of synchronised data being held locally on PCs

Partner with Riverbank, and we’ll protect your business from:

Make the next move at your own pace

  • Migrate some or all of your existing server capacity

    Moving your IT step by step into the cloud allows you to maximise the ROI from your existing infrastructure.

  • Migrate applications and services

    Azure provides enterprise-grade high-availability infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with your systems, reducing your hardware purchasing and maintenance fees.

  • Create a global cloud-based business

    Azure allows you to securely host your infrastructure and data in different regions to ensure fast local access for your global team members.

How Azure increases your agility and keeps you ahead of the competition

  • Break free from the limitations of traditional IT

    Azure provides a wide array of productivity-boosting and efficiency-enhancing tools that allow you to meet fast-changing demands easily.

  • Increase cost-savings with tiered storage

    Microsoft offers four tiers of storage: Premium, Hot, Cool, and Archive. Pricing is based on your data volume and access frequency. This allows you to archive non-sensitive information in standard storage and secure confidential data on fortified drives.

  • Leverage AI-powered tools

    Azure simplifies your work and enhances customer experiences with innovative features, including voice recognition, mapping services, automated web search, and chat bot.