Business Connectivity


Choosing the right connectivity package can be a nightmare for the home, but even more so for a business. We can help you make the right choice.

Cost, equipment, connection speed, bandwidth, and data allowances should all be considered, whilst bearing in mind the future growth of your business. We can help make it all so much easier.

A good Internet connection can give your business the platform it needs to go to the next level. Improved communications and increased productivity can be made a reality by Riverbank and our business connectivity solutions.

Riverbank partners with the UK’s leading Internet Service Providers and can help your business establish the Internet connection it needs to communicate effectively in today’s world. From simple and straightforward ADSL business broadband to lightning-fast fibre Ethernet circuits, Riverbank can help businesses implement Internet and data solutions for their offices.

High-speed business broadband packages

Cost-effective business broadband packages are available, with a range of options to suit all kinds of business uses including data, voice and video communications.

Ethernet circuits and business leased lines

Guaranteed bandwidth and greater reliability than all other types of broadband connection. Backed by stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), business leased lines are perfect for businesses who need high performing, reliable connectivity and access to mission-critical data.

Voice approved circuits

Highly recommended for any business that wants to benefit from VoIP telephony and receive guaranteed call quality. No BT-based DSL circuit comes with SLAs supporting ISDN voice quality, meaning you run the risk of poor-quality calls, call dropouts and intermittent audio. By choosing a Voice Approved Circuit, you can take advantage of cheaper phone calls without compromising on call quality.

Whether you need a simple ADSL or fibre broadband connection or a high-speed leased line with guaranteed service levels, we can help you make the right choice for your business.


  • Maximise productivity with faster, more reliable Internet connectivity that’s configured, supported and continually monitored
  • Excellent value for money thanks to our relationships with all leading telecoms and data providers
  • Leased line connectivity is dedicated to your business, so it offers enhanced security, superfast speeds and a much lower risk of downtime
  • You’ll have one dedicated point of contact that oversees all your services and queries
  • Choose from a variety of business-grade connectivity solutions tailored to your business needs and location, from physical cabling to complete network design and ongoing support


Business broadband uses traditional phone line technology to enable Internet access. It’s great for small businesses looking for a balance between cost and performance. There are more options for businesses than traditional copper lines, though – many organisations opt for an ethernet leased line which is more reliable as it is dedicated to your business, providing connectivity that's uncontended with superfast speeds.

Business broadband is a dedicated Internet connection used in an office or other workplace. It is more comprehensive and feature-rich than home broadband as it is designed with businesses in mind. However, it’s still a contended service (meaning it’s used by several other businesses and homes), unlike other solutions such as leased lines and FTTP which allow for superfast, uninterrupted connectivity.

Think about your business needs – how much you rely on the Internet, what your current contract includes or lacks, what your budget is. Once you know what you need from your new provider, you can start finding the right solution. With Riverbank, switching to business broadband (and various other high-speed Internet connectivity solutions) is easy.