Teams Talk


Our cloud-based telephone system for Microsoft Teams will help you stay in touch and achieve so much more, with its industry-leading communication and collaboration functionality.

Today’s demands on business telephony are greater than ever – capacity, flexibility, remote working, the list goes on… Teams Talk our Microsoft Teams phone system can provide you with a future-proof solution that saves you and your team time and money.

Welcome to a powerful phone system you can operate on desktops, handsets, mobile phones and other smart devices. Teams Talk is our group’s unified communications solution – allowing you to make and receive voice and multimedia calls over the internet within Microsoft Teams.

Tell me more about Teams Talk

Supported by our Hosted Voice solution, Teams Talk takes traditional telephone system features and functionality and hosts it in the cloud. This makes your phone system available anytime, anywhere.

Use Teams Talk to communicate and collaborate – with complete flexibility, from any device.

And when we say fully functional, we mean it. You can set up phone numbers, call menus and even give each team member their own direct dial. This means they can receive calls directly, and make calls that display their own allocated landline number, regardless of the device they’re using, and wherever they’re using it from.

This solution connects Microsoft Teams to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), making it more flexible and cost effective than many competing services. And if you have existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions, you have access to Teams – so getting started is more affordable than you may think.

What are the benefits of this VoIP system?

Teams Talk provides a wide range of benefits, making it stand out as a superior telephony solution within the marketplace. These include:

  • Cost reduction – Enjoy free internal calls, affordable call plans and no on-site infrastructure. The system is incredibly cost effective and costs less than many competing solutions.
  • Integration – with your phone system sitting within Microsoft Teams, you can work seamlessly between conference call meetings, traditional phone calls and messaging.
  • PCI compliance – Teams Talk is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant for call recording.
  • Flexibility – call or be called, at any time, on the same number from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, desk phone or mobile.
  • Mobile devices – mobile devices can integrate with Microsoft Teams and Teams Talk, so you can carry with you a full-featured business phone system in your pocket, wherever you go.

Teams Talk Features

The range of ‘as standard’ and pay-for-what-you-need features within the telephone system makes it a more flexible solution than Microsoft Business Voice. Not only that, but Teams Talk is able to offer features not available elsewhere – such as PCI compliant call recording for those that take bank details over the phone.

The comparison with Microsoft Business Voice, which uses the Microsoft Calling Plan, is perhaps the most useful demonstration of how competitive it is. Below is a chart comparing Teams Talk with Microsoft’s offer:


Teams Talk

Microsoft (Calling Plan)

Auto attendants Included Included
Advanced call logging (iCS Call Analytics) Chargeable Not included
Analytics/Call logging Included Call history only
Call Barring by Category & Dial String Included Outbound only by Category
Call Centres Included Included
Call Forward (Always, No Answer, Busy) Included Always only
Calling Line ID Available with Air IT Hosted Voice Not included
Call Queueing Chargeable Not included
Call Recording PCI Compliant Pause & Resume – Chargeable Not included
Fax to email Chargeable Not included

Want to know more about Teams Talk?

Get in touch and we can take you through Teams Talk in more detail and provide you with a demonstration of how it all works.