Backup for every eventuality

We hope you’ll never need your backup, but if you do, we’ll make sure that restoring your business to normal working order is as smooth a process as possible. At Riverbank we provide IT backup solutions for businesses in a huge range of industries, with diverse security requirements, operating with both traditional and cloud-based IT. What we’re trying to say is: we’re here to back you up.

Riverbank Online Backup

Backup is one thing you don’t want to spend time worrying about. You just want to know that it works and that it’s in safe hands. That is precisely what Riverbank Online Backup delivers. Your backup is fully automated and happens overnight so it doesn’t get in the way. Every morning it gets checked by Riverbank. If there are any issues, our engineers are there to sort them out.

Because it is a remote cloud backup, when you need to recover your data you can do so from anywhere, any time. And because it is supported and managed by Riverbank, your backup is secure. All data is encrypted before it leaves your office and all data is stored in highly secure and resilient UK data centres. Because it is designed for complex professional environments, you can be confident that your backup is protecting your data effectively and efficiently. Online backup has many compelling advantages over traditional backup:

  • Automatic – The backup is fully automated and requires zero effort
  • Secure – Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer
  • Offsite – You don’t have to remember to take tapes offsite. This is an essential component of your disaster recovery plan
  • Global access – You can restore from any Internet-connected computer
  • Ease of use – Self-service restore of lost/deleted files
  • Central control – As part of a support contract, Riverbank monitors backups of your servers, remote laptops etc
  • No capital cost – It requires no expensive hardware or tapes that wear out


We can usually do all the setup remotely with little or no interruption of your work. Depending on the volume of data to be backed up, the initial backup could take several days. Once the initial backup is complete, you are fully protected. If you have very large volumes of data we can do an initial backup on to a local disk which we send direct to our data centres.

If you would like a Backup solution with the capability to recover servers as well as files, you need Riverbank’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution

Riverbank Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is a challenge facing many businesses. The failure of a business-critical server would be a major problem for your business. You need to know that you will be back up and running within hours, not days. Riverbank’s BDR is a fully automatic remote IT systems backup service that delivers rapid recovery, reducing the window of down-time to just a few hours. It is managed and monitored by Riverbank, giving you a more reliable backup of your systems and reduced business risk.

Riverbank’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service is based on server imaging, not file-by-file backup. It takes frequent snapshots of your entire system to reduce your data loss window from one day to just a few hours. A backup of the whole system eliminates the risk of omitting important data from your backup, with this backup being fully encrypted. This is all done automatically. Riverbank also run an initial test restore followed by annual recovery test of your servers, ensuring that your business is always protected against the unexpected.


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Complete peace of mind

The Riverbank Backup and Disaster Recovery service gives you:

  • One system covering IT backup and disaster recovery.
  • Data backup and file restore
  • Off-site storage of backup images in a UK data store
  • Rapid server recovery to minimise down-time in the event of a server failure or disaster
  • Free loan server for up to two weeks
  • Annual server recovery demonstration

In the event of a server failure we restore your latest off-site image to a Riverbank standby server and either courier or deliver the server to your office ready to go. We provide you with a loan server for up to two weeks, so you can continue to work while your original server is repaired or replaced. In the event of a disaster at your site we ship the loan server to a location of your choice. We do all the software installation, configuration and management of all the backups. Riverbank are specialists in ensuring business continuity, so stop leaving yours down to chance and get in touch.


The Riverbank Backup and Disaster Recovery implementation process is as follows:

  1. Identify all critical servers and data
  2. Assess the need for on-site storage requirements and/or NUC requirement or sustainability
  3. Check applications that could impact the backup by creating very large snapshots – databases, e-mail archive files, video applications
  4. If issues are identified, advise of changes required for server configurations and storage
  5. Install backup software on the servers
  6. Create the initial on-site backup
  7. Set up monitoring and management at Riverbank. This includes:
    1. Success of the on-site backup (alerts if two consecutive failures)
    2. Warning if a queue of pending transfers is building up
    3. Success of the off-site transfer
    4. Loss of communication with the on-site server or off-site store
    5. Verification and integrity checks of the on-site images and the off-site images
  8. Transfer the initial backup to the data centre. Because the initial backup contains all the data, not just changes, it can be very large. It is transferred either via the Internet or by physical transport of the on-site backup disk to the data centre and manual loading of the data
  9. On completion of initial backups, we perform a test recovery from the off-site images.
  10. We continue to run the BDR service as a trial for first month. During this time we conduct fine tuning of the backups and the off-site transfer process.

Stop leaving your business open to the unexpected and let Riverbank help you with our Backup and Disaster Recovery service.

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