InterceptX – the latest layer in Riverbank SecurePC’s defence

Riverbank SecurePC is a dynamic and evolving product; built to respond to the latest cyber security threats.

In the last few months, Ransomware has made some high-level, business-crippling cyber attacks. So from today, Riverbank, IT Management will be building InterceptX into SecurePC.

Current clients need not worry: we’ll be putting the vital addition into your SecurePC suite without any adverse effect to end users – and best of all, we won’t be charging a penny more.

But if your business hasn’t yet signed up for Riverbank SecurePC, why wait? In one low-cost, easy-install package, we’ll include enterprise level anti-virus, malware protection, internet protection for PCs, ad blocking and ransomware protection – all wrapped up in our monitoring, management, support and future protection.

It’s all part of Riverbank: Thinking IT.

Multi-layered security is in

Today’s threats need a multi-layered, multi-vendor set of solutions. Sticking a firewall on your network perimeter and anti-virus on your desktop is insufficient – the attack surface is now bigger.
Cyber-threats are not going away.

The risk to your business data – including sensitive client information – can be catastrophic. The sophistication and rapid change of attacks from phishing, ransomware, bots and other techniques means you need a range of tools and policies to counter the threats.

Of course, there’s no substitution for a company’s responsibility to ensure they have deployed user training which will always be front and centre of a counter-attack strategy.

As a strong part of your company’s efforts to combat cyber-threats, Riverbank IT Management has brought together a comprehensive suite of products called Riverbank SecurePC and overlaid it with our expertise in the field to deliver you peace of mind. Each set of tools is a layer in this defence and is under constant review to ensure the vendors we use are the best.

  • Why is IT security important?
    Why is IT security important?
    Working tirelessly to repel security threats, safeguarding you and your clients.
  • Backup & Recovery
    Backup & Recovery
    Find peace of mind with Riverbank's backup and disaster recovery services.

Riverbank SecurePC suite includes

  • Stop ransomware: it encrypts your files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity. Stop it, before it takes your files hostage.
  • Enterprise anti-virus: The base layer of PC and network protection.
  • Malware protection: Identifies and quarantines unwanted applications (PUAs). This software gives you a second essential layer of protection.
  • Internet protection for PCs: Monitors your internet traffic at all times, identifying and blocking threats. It uses a different technique from the other applications, giving you another layer of security.
  • Ad blocking: Protects you from malicious and unwanted ads on your PC which can potentially monitor keystrokes or take users to a bogus website which gathers personal data. It will also speed up your web browsing.
  • Monitoring and management by Riverbank: Not only do we receive alerts about potential threats on your PCs, we also have access to the software providers’ global databases of reports from all of their customers. This additional layer of information gives us the opportunity to see ‘over the horizon’ to spot emerging security threats.
  • Support: Once installed, Riverbank SecurePC will be continuously running in the background, running its multi-layered protection. However, should you have any questions or need technical support, our highly trained support engineers are available and able to assist.
  • Future protection: As the threats evolve, so does our response. Even after you’ve signed up to our extremely competitive and comprehensive product suite, Riverbank will be continuingly and actively looking at emerging threats and adding new layers of protection in response.
  • It’s all part of Riverbank Thinking IT.