There comes a point when it makes a lot of sense to take control of people’s usage, identities, authentications, account management, device registration and everything else that might adversely affect your business. That’s exactly the capability that Riverbank S.A.F.E delivers as an enterprise mobility management solution.

Here’s what you need to know about Riverbank S.A.F.E, Secure Access For Everyone.

Secure Identity Management

You have multiple users, each of whom uses different passwords for a multitude of different apps and IT systems. It’s becoming more of a challenge to control and monitor usage, alerts, auditing, corporate compliance and the legal side of things. Secure ID management delivers the solution.

  • ID management to keep important data and information safe
  • Authentication, device registration and password management
  • Group management, account management and access control
  • App usage, security monitoring, auditing and alerts

One core ID for every user. That’s more like it! Click here to find out more or get in touch to discuss how ID management supports safer business.

Secure Mobile Management

Everyone has a work mobile. They are networked to your desktop computers and IT systems, and every mobile has its own collection of apps. It can be a recipe for corporate disaster, making controlling access, monitoring and security a challenge. You need secure mobile management.

  • A suite of essential Mobile Device Management capabilities to help you control the way your people use their mobile devices
  • A collection of intelligent Mobile App Management functions to control the apps people have uploaded to their devices

End-to-end control of apps and their usage makes your business much safer and more secure. Click here to find out more or get in touch to explore the potential with one of our team of experts.