Today’s tech makes it remarkably easy and intuitive to exchange, send and share documents with anyone and everyone. But as a business, that isn’t necessarily what you want. Secure document protection lets you restrict people’s ability to copy, forward, change and print Rights Management Services protected files.

About document protection

As a business grows, it becomes more likely that sensitive information will to go astray. Mistakes are made. Data can be shared with the wrong people in just a few clicks, confidential email threads can be copied to clients and suppliers, and attachments accidentally included in emails. In some cases this over-sharing isn’t accidental, it’s intentional. Secure document protection puts you back in control.

The technical side

The best secure document protection tools do all this and more, supporting data and information security excellence:

  • Protect multiple file types: anywhere
  • Share information safely and enjoy secure collaboration
  • Audit and monitor the use of protected files to head issues off before they become a problem
  • Fully scalable: grows as you grow
  • Lets you create your own unique, tailored security policies
  • Allows analysis of business insights, monitoring for abuse, and in the event of a leak, performs forensic IT analysis

Is it time to deploy document security?

As a growing business with increasing numbers of staff, all sharing and collaborating, it makes a lot of sense to put in place proper protection to keep essential information and data safe and secure. Doing so can save you a lot of pain and hassle, and help you identify and deal with any data leaks wisely and effectively.

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Secure document protection lets you restrict people's ability to copy, forward, change and print Rights Management Services protected files