The more your people have access to web apps, whether they’re on-premises apps or hosted in the cloud, the bigger the security risks. Our secure identity management software has been developed for businesses like yours: a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution to effectively manage user and group security.

About Identity Management

Why do you need support with ID management? The more people you have, the more apps they use, the more passwords they have, therefore the bigger the risk of a security breach. Then there’s the monitoring, alerting, auditing and corporate compliance side of things, all absolutely essential to a healthy, safe and secure business. If you have multiple people working with a multitude of apps, Secure Access For Everyone, aka S.A.F.E, puts you back in the driving seat.

The technical side

We help you secure all your cloud based applications, streamline your IT processes, reduce your costs and make sure vital corporate and government compliance goals are met:

  • Extensive identity management capabilities to keep vital data and information safe
  • Multi-factor authentication, device registration and self-service password management
  • Self-service group management, enhanced account management options and role based access control
  • App usage monitoring, rich auditing, security monitoring and alerting

Why it’s good to be in control

Secure ID management gives you all the tools and technologies you need to control user access to critical information, simply by setting one core identity for each individual. It also makes it easy to maintain, modify, monitor and change a user’s permissions, track activities and enforce your organisation’s policies.

Riverbank S.A.F.E
Powered by Microsoft’s EM+S. It's great to see a business grow. It means you're doing so many things the right way. But the bigger you get, the more people have access to your IT systems, desktop and mobile devices, email messages and documents
Secure Mobile Management
Would your business benefit from mobile device management and app management? Mobile application management gives you vital granular controls at application level