Mobile tech has dramatically changed the working landscape. Employees use mobiles to complement their desktop computers, sometimes even as a replacement, and networking of multiple machines can make controlling access, monitoring and security a real challenge. Mobile apps complicate things even further. Secure mobile management is the answer.

About mobile device management

Would your business benefit from mobile device management and app management? Mobile application management gives you vital granular controls at application level, letting your administrators manage and secure app data. It also lets you control entire devices by enrolling them securely and installing an intelligent service agent.

The technical side of Mobile Device Management and Mobile App Management

Mobile Device Management – MDM – comes with a suite of ways to control the use of mobiles in a work context:

  • Automatic configuration of important mobile device settings
  • The capability to enforce essential device settings for the best levels of safety and security
  • Requires users and the devices they use to enrol to a proven mobile management tool
  • The ability to remotely-wipe company data from a device, or all the data

Mobile App Management – MAM – gives you control over all the apps uploaded to mobile devices:  

  • Controls all the applications installed on mobile devices
  • Segregates data so business information is only available via the apps you formally approve

Do you need to control users’ mobile devices?

Do you feel you are not currently in control of what happens on the mobile devices your people use for work? Secure mobile management is a proven way to reel things in, protecting your company’s information and data properly from end to end, putting you in full control.

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