Riverbank SecureConnect

Riverbank’s SecureConnect gives you peace of mind knowing that your IT security is controlled and managed by experts. SecureConnect combines enterprise-grade hardware and software with proactive monitoring and management, bringing together multiple strands of IT security into a fixed monthly cost. If any of the below apply to you Riverbank can help.

Is this you?

  • I don’t want to have to worry about IT security
  • How is my business using our internet connection and why is it so slow?
  • I’m confused about how to keep my hardware and warranties up to date
  • Employees and contractors need to connect to my network from anywhere
  • 90% of my network traffic is spam, what can I do about that?
  • My employees keep wasting time on inappropriate websites

What the service offers

Riverbank’s SecureConnect includes all of the following:

  • High quality firewall protection with Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Content filtering
  • Enterprise anti-virus and spyware protection at the network perimeter
  • Intrusion Protection System – deep packet inspection – updated minute by minute
  • Continuous automatic updating
  • Monthly reporting to provide an insight into bandwidth usage
  • All hardware included, with no-cost replacement
  • All subscriptions included
  • Automatic configuration backup to facilitate rapid hardware replacement if needed
  • No admin – a simple monthly fee


Implementation is quick and it’s tailored to your exact IT infrastructure and existing requirements, with the typical stages being as follows:

  • Planning of hardware requirements and wireless network access points including a “heat map” of anticipated signal strength throughout the area to be covered
  • Configuration of firewall for client’s requirements for content filtering (blocking access to unwanted sites), application control (blocking, throttling access to sites or types of site)
  • Configuration of logging, monitoring and reporting services for the client
  • Installation of firewall on site, including an 87 point setup checklist
  • Connection of the firewall to multiple Internet connections
  • Testing fail-over between Internet connections
  • Deployment of multiple wireless access points and testing
  • Documentation

Downtime during implementation will be kept to a minimum. We can manage this to minimise any inconvenience to you, for example undertaking implementation over the weekend. Stop leaving your business open to security threats and start planning your IT security by getting in touch with the Riverbank team today.

If you would like more advice and guidance about IT Security, or a free, no strings attached IT consultation, contact Riverbank on 01235 426700 or email enquiries@riverbank.co.uk.

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