Previously known as the Enterprise Mobility Suite, Riverbank’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite is a security system designed to keep your business connected and protected.

For organisations planning to transition part or all of their IT infrastructure to the Cloud, Riverbank can support you in your move.


Cloud IT for science-based and professional services organisations

Riverbank has worked with businesses across all sectors including many science-based and professional services organisations. We’ll enable you to adopt cloud solutions that will make your current IT systems more reliable and effective. By assessing your existing systems, business needs and desired outcomes, we can help you decide on a solution that’s right for you.

Only 16% of businesses are prepared to handle mobility security challenges
(Source: Techaisle 2015 SMB Mobility Adoption Trends Study)

A changing working environment

Like many other industries, the science and professional services sector needs to accommodate new ways of working as employees are often located in different geographical locations and communicate using a variety of devices.

To stay productive, your mobile workforce needs to be able to access corporate resources and data from any place on any device. That’s why Riverbank Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) offers cloud identity and access management solutions that are both secure and available from anywhere.

Our Enterprise Mobility Suite allows teams to edit documents in real time – from anywhere. Increasing team efficiency through sharing data insights and business intelligence.

Enterprise-grade security built-in at every level of IT (PC to mobile and cloud), helps prevent and protect your business data from unauthorised access and modern threats, wherever it travels.

Incorporating a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy

With a growing millennial workforce, employees are increasingly bringing personal devices to work. Protecting emails and company data on mobile devices without impacting on productivity is one of the biggest IT challenges companies face.

With users expecting to access all the applications they need from multiple devices, Riverbank EMS enables science-based and professional services organisations to overcome the problems created by the consumerisation of IT and BYOD. We ensure security by providing comprehensive settings for mobile device management including remote actions such as passcode reset, device lock and data encryption.

Keeping your data secure

A key concern for many organisations is security. It’s imperative to protect the large volumes of data your business handles as breaches can have catastrophic consequences.

To do this, you need a comprehensive set of access control and data protection capabilities. With Riverbank Enterprise Mobility + Security, cloud identity and access management can be designed and scaled to suit your IT environment.

Riverbank also helps you maximise productivity with familiar Office mobile apps while securing company data by restricting actions such as copy/cut/paste/save in your managed app environment. We can also extend these capabilities to your existing line-of-business apps.

For maximum security, Riverbank EM+S gives IT departments the option to lock down or restrict access to applications, data and services; yet users can still complete their regular tasks by using self-service capabilities. This means you keep your employees productive on their usual apps and devices while your company data stays protected.

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Optimise your cloud environment with Riverbank Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

Riverbank Enterprise Mobility + Security delivers comprehensive protection of corporate email and documents across identity, device, application and data while still enabling your organisation to be more productive.

It combines three products in one user-based subscription:

  • Microsoft Intune securely manages devices and apps
  • Azure Active Directory enables secure access
  • Azure Rights Management Service protects shared information

Azure Active Directory helps increase productivity and reduces helpdesk costs with self-service and single sign-on. Time is saved when staff can perform self-service tasks like resetting forgotten passwords or requesting access to an application, without waiting for assistance from the helpdesk. And workers are more productive when they have a single username and password to remember and a consistent experience from every device.

To find out more, watch this short Riverbank EMS + Office 365 demo video to learn how to provide users with familiar email and productivity tools such as the Office mobile apps while also helping to keep corporate data protected with Riverbank EM+S and Office 365.

Managing Mobile Productivity with Enterprise Mobility Security


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