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As cyber security threats to your IT systems take on new forms and methods, staying ahead of the game is the best way to safeguard your business. By taking cyber security seriously, you don’t just minimise risk to your own business: you also do your duty to clients, keeping their data as secure as your own. Whatever your requirements, Riverbank can help you to identify weaknesses and shore up your defence.

Safe and secure IT system

Ensuring your IT systems are secure from potential threats can be a complex and often daunting task, requiring specialist skills, time and resources that you might not already have within your IT team. Whichever solution you aim for, it will always need customising for your precise business needs, which can complicate the implementation process.

Common problems we hear from businesses include:

  • Lack of internal resources to manage IT security and threat aversion
  • Incomplete in-house knowledge to manage attacks, advanced malware or hacking
  • Processes and regulations not in place to manage employee risk to data, data theft or system-based data loss
  • Inability to find qualified people to manage IT security, despite being aware of its great importance
  • An evolving landscape of changing threats makes controlling IT security more difficult to manage in-house

Riverbank IT Management has over 15 years’ experience of providing secure IT systems and platforms for business around the UK and around the globe. We understand that IT security is vital to the success of your business. Our services begin with a consultation to understand your risks and requirements, and then a full implementation plan is drawn up. After we install the solution, we provide the right level of monitoring, management and support to ensure your security is maintained.

How your business can benefit

So what are the benefits of an IT Security solution? Riverbank’s services can help businesses to achieve the following:

  • Supplement internal capabilities with a dedicated IT support team ready to step in whenever you require
  • Avoid in-house hardware maintenance with our fully hosted service
  • Stay at the cutting edge of IT security without any effort. We manage all software upgrades, threat databases and other evolving issues on your behalf
  • Expand your IT security with the natural growth of your business. All of our solutions are fully scalable
  • Allow your workforce to benefit from safe, secure and risk-free remote working whatever their device or location
  • Easier budgeting and administration with predictable monthly costs; no need to hire expensive contract staff

IT security can be broken down into various categories, each with their challenges. At Riverbank IT, we can provide you with a layered approach to your IT security that will cover all your requirements, and ensuring you are protected against potential threats.

Email security for businesses

Ensuring your email servers are always accessible, and making sure they are safe from damaging threats is paramount to the everyday working of such a crucial business tool. We offer hosted of on-site email services, high quality filtering and complete archive backup services. If you do experience any failures with your email platforms or servers, we also provide an emergency webmail service to ensure your business doesn’t suffer. Protect your email operations with Riverbank E-mail Protect service.

Network security for businesses

On-site or remote network access can have hidden dangers, so we recommend securing all your business traffic through a multi-site VPN service, that encrypts and packages data transfer to eliminate interception threats. The Riverbank SecureConnect service travels with your workers to keep them safe on the move.


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Is your data transfer between your employees, servers and cloud applications secure and free from threats? If you are concerned about this or the physical security of your own server, Riverbank Cloud – Private gives you a dedicated, secure server in a high-security data centre, without the hassle of managing your own physical servers.

Business continuity

Sometimes, you just can’t predict what can happen to your business. Make sure that you have a contingency plan, so that in the event of a disaster your business is fully protected. Our hosted solution removes any concerns about server maintenance in-house. The Riverbank Backup and Disaster Recovery Service is designed to protect your business, whatever the situation.

Mobile device management

Your company data can be leaking out of your organisation via the huge range of mobile devices that people use today. Do you know which mobile devices hold your company email, or whose iPads could be storing gigabytes of confidential company data? Do you know what to do when someone says, “Help! I’ve lost my iPad”? At the same time we want to use the latest mobile devices that enable us to work wherever we are, whenever we need. They are a vital part of the dynamism and speed of today’s business. Our challenge is to balance the need for mobile working against the need for security. Riverbank S.A.F.E gives you vital granular controls at application level, letting your administrators manage and secure app data.

Get in touch today to see how we can help revolutionise your IT security program, as well as save you time and money.

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    Fully-managed IT Support
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Our clients find we make their IT systems as reliable and effective as they can possibly be. First-class IT support saves you time, money and hassle so you can focus on growing your business.

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