We’ve nailed down five productivity tips to help you stay focused on work, this festive season.

Colleagues are disappearing on holiday and you’ve got Christmas presents on your mind – it can be challenging to get much work done.

Limit your meetings

Many employees feel that slipping in and out of meetings all day can negatively impact their productivity. Regular back-to-back meetings leave little time to communicate with colleagues, respond to emails and make essential calls.

Got cold feet?

Extreme temperatures can be very irritating. Whether you’re sweating through your suit or shivering in a meeting, both extremes can hinder productivity. Take a look at the thermostat in your office – is it at a comfortable temperature? The ideal room temperature is supposedly between 15°C and 22°C. If adjusting your office thermostat isn’t an option, leave a jumper in your drawer for those chilly days.

Email- free zone

We all know that email is an efficient form of communication, it’s quick and easy, compared with meeting face-to-face with all of your email recipients. However, a constant barrage of emails can be overwhelming and leave very little time for much else. If you can relate to this, try allocating time in your diary that is dedicated to email. This can prevent you from being distracted by every email that comes through to your inbox and allow you to get on with other important tasks on your list.


Open-plan offices are ideal for communicating with colleagues, however noise levels can become a distraction. It can be hard to concentrate with various departments talking around you – maybe suggest one hour of ‘quiet communication’ or book a meeting room to get that important piece of work finished.

1.5 hour focus-time

As highlighted in a previous newsletter article, the digital age has had a significant impact on our ability to retain information and focus on one task. The human brain has the ability to concentrate for 90 to 120 minutes, before it needs to pause for a break. With this in mind, have a go at placing your tasks into 90 minute slots.