Perhaps you’re trying to download a file or install a new app. But you find that you’re constantly running out of memory space.

We’ve gathered a few top tips to help clear some space on your iPhone.

1) Check your space
First thing is first, you must find out how much space you actually have left. This is essential as you need to find out which applications are using up the bulk of your capacity.

  • Make your way to ‘settings’ -> ‘general’ -> ‘usage’
  • After loading, you’ll be shown a list of your applications and alongside it, how much storage each app is using. This is where you’ll find your troublemakers.

Now that you’ve found your prime suspect, what can you do about it?

2) Get rid of old apps
Naturally, just like photos, unused apps build up over time. Take a look through your apps and decide which screenshot apps you don’t use or which games you’ve grown tired of. When you’ve found which ones you no longer want to keep, simply hit delete.

3) Videos – view it and bin it
It probably doesn’t come as a shock to hear that videos take up a tremendous amount of storage. Just a small handful of videos can eat into more than a few GB of storage . So follow the philosophy – view it and bin it.

4) Only keep recent podcasts
What is not to love about podcasts? They keep you busy on your commute to work and maybe even on your lunch break. But as with most things, if you don’t delete them, they can accumulate fast. You have two options to decrease podcast build-up:

  •  Navigate your way to ‘podcasts settings’ and amend the options to put a limit on the space your podcasts consume. Within ‘limit episodes’ you can even select the option to only store the most recent episodes.
  • Select the setting to automatically delete played episodes

5) Backup the snaps
If like many people, you use iCloud to back up your photos, you can actually delete the photos from your camera roll to increase storage space. If in doubt, you can always backup your photos to your personal laptop.