With yet another successful Data Privacy Day behind us, it has us all talking about privacy.

As champions of DPD, we’re revealing tips for encouraging employees to shake those privacy taboos.

  1. Help your employees be #PrivacyAware by posting short messages about privacy around the office or on internal message boards.
  2. Hang the Data Privacy Day poster or #PrivacyAware memes in common areas to help create awareness. Download the poster, memes and other promotional materials.
  3. Challenge your employees to a #PrivacyAware competition. Talk to employees frequently about what privacy means to your organisation and the role they have in making sure privacy is achieved and maintained. You can test them on their privacy knowledge with this quiz and give out prizes or downloaded certificates for the winners.
  4. Host a “lunch & learn” to educate employees about the value and impact of protecting customer and colleague information as well as their role in keeping it safe. Download videos and other resources to help you start the conversation.