Apple Pay is the service that will enable you to use your iPhone* as a credit card, and Apple is expecting to launch it in the UK this year. When it happens it will mark the beginning of the end of the plastic credit card.

We all love our mobile phone and sales have rocketed over the years as more and more features have been added. Your phone is also your camera, your diary, your source of email and messaging and it’s also your gateway to the whole Internet. Now it’s going to be your wallet too.

Apple Pay is Apple’s own payment service. Link your credit card to the phone and use the special chip in the phone to communicate with credit card payment machines. A click on your phone is all you will need to make a payment.

This is undoubtedly a mark of the future. Expect your bank to be linked your phone very soon, because where Apple leads the rest of the market will surely follow.

*You need an iPhone 6 because earlier iPhones don’t have the necessary Near Field Communication (NFC) chip.