Yesterday Apple announced its results for the last quarter, amid speculation that sales were falling because of increased competition from Android phones and tablets. The actual results included the news that profits had fallen for this first time in a decade. But behind the headline are sales of  $43bn and a net profit of $9bn, ie a 21% profit. They are big numbers in anyone’s books and you have to look very hard to see any bad news there.

The risk for Apple is that the world expects it to continue to produce innovative products that no-one else has thought of. Plus there is a fear that without Steve Jobs it will fail to deliver. We also know know that in the tech world, fortunes can change very quickly. Just take a look at BlackBerry.

Apple is a long way from disaster. With around $140bn of cash in the bank it has got the money to fund an awful lot of innovation. What it might not have is the time.