Apple introduces two-factor authentication for icloud

Following on from the leak of celebrity photographs, Apple has introduced two-factor authentication on its iCloud data store. When  activated, you will need a short code sent to your mobile phone as a second step in the logon process. This makes it much harder for hackers access your account.

That is a positive step, but will it scale up? If you have multiple accounts – bank account, e-mail, social media sites etc – will you need multiple security apps on your mobile phone and will you be unable to access anything if you don’t have your mobile to hand? The world of IT security really needs an improved security system. Maybe it’s a single sign-on, so once you have completed one security check in the morning, you have basic access to all your accounts. Or maybe it will be Minority Report-style iris scanning to verify that you are who you say you are. Whatever the system of the distant future turns out to be, I’m bracing myself for an immediate future that is less convenient and laden with more and more security steps.