How to support 6 types of remote workers

Today, there are more remote workers than ever before. But there isn’t just one type of remote worker. They can be categorised into at least 6 types.

Different working styles means different needs. Providing the tools to accommodate a diverse team in the office and on the move will help to improve the overall productivity of your company.

Gone Phishing: The Top 9 Traps

What if someone could steal your whole identity with little more than an email?
So-called ‘phishing’ scams – in which emails are sent with the express purpose of stealing your personal details – are becoming more common than ever, but they continue to trick unwary users.

How Much Do IT Support Services Cost?

Often business decisions are as much a case of ‘what can we do without?’ as they are, allocating budget. Any service that attracts a cost, like IT support services, comes under immediate scrutiny as you try to reduce spend and maximise profit margins.