On 8 April next year Microsoft ends support of Windows XP and Office 2003. If you have any PCs running XP or Office 2003 you need to start planning for their replacement. If you are thinking “No, I’ll just stay as I am”, please read on.

The reason you need to take action is because there will be no more security updates. You are welcome to live with the bugs that will never be fixed, but you don’t want to live with security holes that hackers around the world will be exploiting as fast as they can.

Another reason for taking action now is that if you do have old versions of Windows or Office, it’s likely that it’s running on old PCs. You don’t want to get to April next year and discover that you have a huge bill for replacing PCs and software.

If you are a Riverbank client with Windows XP or Office 2003, we will be raising this with you in the coming months. If you aren’t, and you would like some advice, call Riverbank now on 0845 680 9680.