It’s clearly too soon to write off BlackBerry. Today it announced that its major shareholder is investing more cash in the business and there will soon be a new CEO at the helm. But the real news came last week with a jolly Halloween article about technologies that should be dead already.

One of the chosen technologies was BlackBerry, but it came with a caveat. Many corporates are sticking with BlackBerry because it is so much cheaper for international use. Suddenly, factors such as the attractiveness of the handsets and the range of apps are swept aside by a simple calculation of running costs.

And quite right too. If 99% of your business usage is phone and e-mail, why worry about the remaining 1%? If you need that sailing app so badly, buy your own Android tablet or iPad.

In my book it’s odds-on that BlackBerry will continue to make huge and unsustainable losses, but while it’s still living it still has hope. Let’s see what next Halloween brings…