You cannot avoid the move to the Cloud. That was the strong message from Microsoft speakers at the last IPExpo in London.

Around 70% of UK IT professionals have embraced the Cloud for their business IT. The other 30% of IT professionals, plus the business owners who declare “Cloud is not for us”, will be caught out because they have the wrong mindset. Denial is not an option.

What happens if you ignore the transformation of business IT is that your IT will move to the Cloud without you. Your users will work around company restrictions and break company rules.

They will access the company email system from their own devices without your knowledge. They will copy company data to their own Dropbox account because it’s an easier way to work.

You will lose control and you will have no security.

The message from the leaders in business IT is simple – take ownership of the transition to Cloud-based IT before others do it for you.

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