IT security stays high up on every business’s list of worries and every week seems to bring news of another IT security breach or another hack. Riverbank’s SecureConnect service takes that worry off your list through a combination of great technology and great service, delivered via a cost-effective monthly subscription.

The business challenge is that you need to protect your business IT systems from security threats. The problem is that threats are always changing and a standard firewall is no longer adequate.

You need a combination of firewall protection plus Unified Threat Management (UTM) and constant monitoring. What you don’t need is a four-figure capital cost.

That’s where Riverbank SecureConnect can deliver for you. For a simple monthly cost and no capital cost you get:

  • All your business Internet security in one package
  • Secure multi-office connections
  • Control over the web sites your staff can access
  • Protection against web-borne viruses
  • Automatic monthly reporting
  • Real time monitoring and management
  • No-cost hardware replacement

Get in touch with Riverbank today and find out what offers we have on IT security.