Here at Riverbank, we are proud of the excellent service we provide to our Clients. But anyone can – and will – claim to offer a quality service. We measure everything, so we can prove to you how good we are. Have a look at these figures:

Customer Satisfaction

Our CSAT score is 95 for the last 6 months, with over 96% of people reporting that they were happy with their Riverbank experience. Your feedback doesn’t just fall into a black hole either, we have a big screen on the wall that displays feedback as soon as it comes in, so that everyone knows how we are doing. And we care about quality control. When things do go wrong on occasion (anyone who says they don’t is lying to you), we will always contact you to find out what happened and how we can do better next time. At Riverbank, we learn from our mistakes.

Response times

Over the last 3 months, our average time for our support team to respond to a ticket being raised is 9.2 minutes. That means that we will either contact you to discuss your problem and get more details – or will start to work on sorting it out – within 10 minutes! These super-fast response times will get you back up and running quickly, so you can get back to what you do best!

Resolution times

In October, the average number of working hours it took to resolve a ticket was 7.4. So for all but the most complex of problems we will have you back up and running within a day! Don’t forget that this is the average, and most tickets are resolved within way less than that, often within minutes!

So if you aren’t getting what you need from your current IT provider, and are looking for high quality customer service, backed up with proof, then give the Riverbank team a call on 01235 426700 or email on