Cloud backup – it may not be exciting but we have to talk about it

Cloud backup – it may not be exciting but we have to talk about it


Cloud backup provides essential protection for popular services like Microsoft 365, but it is something that many businesses don’t even realise they need. There is an assumption that because something is in the cloud, it can’t go wrong. But, like life itself, things can and do go wrong and every business needs some level of protection.

Life insurance is famous for being perhaps the dullest topic in the world, but cloud backup probably runs it a close second. If cloud backup ever does get exciting, it will be because you are in real trouble and wishing you had it.

Let’s be clear about what we’re talking about here. Almost all businesses now have some of their company data in the cloud, and typically this will be in Microsoft 365 – emails, files in OneDrive and SharePoint, people using Teams and so on. The default assumption is that it is safe and protected. But that assumption is wrong.

Admittedly, it’s unlikely that Microsoft will suddenly go out of business. It’s also quite unlikely that they will suffer a catastrophic failure of their service. But it is possible that they could lose your data. It’s even more possible that you could lose your data. If you do suffer a data loss, you can recover your deleted data within Microsoft 365, providing you do so before the recycle bin gets emptied. If, for example, your historic accounts data was accidentally deleted it could easily be months until you noticed, by which time it is too late to recover it. It has gone.

Microsoft also mentions the need for backup of its cloud services, although the acknowledgement that its cloud services could fail is buried deep within its services agreement. See the box below for the details. Remember, too, that the protections that Microsoft builds into its systems are there primarily to protect Microsoft and its service delivery rather than you the customer.

Microsoft Services Agreement

Service Availability

6. Service Availability.

b. We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages. In the event of an outage or disruption to the Service, you may temporarily not be able to retrieve Your Content. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.


This need for protection has given rise to a new generation of backup services. They quietly back up your Microsoft 365 data to a third-party provider also in the cloud. It requires zero effort on your part and provides peace of mind that you are protected against failure or mishap.

That peace of mind doesn’t cost a fortune, either. The highly competitive world of cloud services has driven prices down, so cloud backup won’t come very high up on your IT budget.

Riverbank has teamed up with backup specialist Datto to provide a service that offers a balance between price and service. Datto SaaS Protection is affordable, works reliably and also offers excellent support should it ever be needed. If you need to recover data, we can do so with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption for you. Riverbank’s technical staff can choose a point in time that you want to recover to and then put the selected data back in place.

Like all insurance policies, we hope we will never have to use them. We all want to keep the topic of cloud backup unexciting. If you don’t have the protection you need, find out more about Riverbank’s IT security services on the Riverbank web site. There you can find out how cloud backup fits into the range of IT security measures you need to protect your business; protecting your office network, your home-working staff and the devices they use. We are here to help, so if you would like to speak to a member of the Riverbank team, call 01235 426700 or email