An appeal for old laptops for schools

An appeal for old laptops for schools

Time for a springtime clear-out?

Riverbank is running a recycling scheme for old laptops.

With our third and hopefully final lockdown, kids are again having to home-school, which is challenging for children, parents and the school. Adding to those difficulties is the fact that some children do not have suitable devices, or any device, to get onto the remote teaching systems. That is a big problem.

We are appealing to our customers and local businesses that are thinking of disposing of any old but working laptops to give them to Riverbank so we can distribute to a local school, who in turn will give them to children who do not have a suitable device for their education.

How it works

  • Riverbank takes your old work laptops with a working charger, anything that can run Windows 7 or above will do.
  • Riverbank carry out the following tasks:
    • Check the device is working using the onboard hardware diagnostic tool.
    • Securely erase and format the hard disk.
    • Give the laptops to a local school for final prep and distribution.

What next?

For more information or to donate a device, call 01235 426700 or email us on We can safely collect if you are near to us or they can be dropped off at our office.