A marketing exploit or a global technology revolution? Technology consumers and businesses alike are still in doubt over The Cloud and what this service actually delivers for them…

As I said, it is a service. Not a product or a device but a service which is increasingly being provided by an expanding number of IT suppliers around the world both large and small. What started as a potential security hazard has rapidly become one of the most significant technology shifts in a generation.

The cloud means that businesses can store their network/ data/exchange off-site (in a data centre) and give the management of its contents to a third party provider. All the data will be accessible through the internet using ‘plug-in’ products such as ‘Citrix’ and ‘Egnyte’. Two of Riverbank’s key partners.

‘People’ have made Cloud computing what it is today. Generation X to be specific (born circa 1990), with their modern-day attitudes of demanding access to anyone from anywhere at any time on any device. With an internet connection, any employee can now synchronise their Social Media to their work projects and communication streams from anywhere in the world, even if they are working from an internet café on the beach in Zanzibar. With some ‘plugin’ software’s now providing off-line working capability, the cloud possibilities are really becoming endless.

A study released by Harvard University in 2011 showed that a majority of employees from a range of different industries, roles and seniority generally had the same leading source of job satisfaction – the ability to deliver results and make a difference to what they were doing. This, accompanied by good management, is directly linked to better technology systems and the empowering benefits to the users. The Cloud delivers such a flexible, adaptable and simple way of working that it directly links to employee retention and job satisfaction.

Benefits of Cloud:

    • Turn your IT into a utility – Only pay for what you use
    • OPEX costs – pay monthly or annually for your IT


  • Huge reduction of data loss or damage risk
  • Access your work network and files from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection
  • Access your work network and files from any device with Wi-Fi
  • Greater employee collaboration through centralised systems and instant messaging tools
  • Greater client engagement through accessing your contacts from anywhere and synchronisation of emails to CRM.
  • Adaptability and Scalability – Can easily increase or decrease your IT capability.
  • Cost Efficient – Most efficient method used to maintain and upgrade your IT as it’s released
  • Almost unlimited storage – No glass ceiling to hinder your business potential
  • Back Up and Recovery of Data – Much easier to back up and restore your data from the cloud than from a physical device.
  • Quick deployment – perfect for companies looking to change radically in a short space of time.


Riverbank IT offer a Cloud-based solution which offers you all the above benefits plus the added support, account management and user training and guidance. We understand the implications of IT change on a business both positive and negative so we ensure all user IT woes are acknowledged and countered. This being one of the main benefits of choosing a provider like Riverbank over the key players such as Google or Amazon.

Please contact Hannah Daly at Riverbank on 01235 426700 for an initial conversation regarding cloud and Riverbank’s services.