One thing that apparently worries the folks at Dropbox is the “Dropbox problem” – business managers fear that their employees are using personal Dropbox accounts in a completely uncontrolled way. Confidential company data gets spread anywhere and everywhere and it’s a security nightmare.

Curiously, one solution to the Dropbox problem is Dropbox. Dropbox for Business, that is. It’s the same familiar Dropbox but it is organised and controlled, just the way that businesses like to be. A central console gives visibility of all the places where the company Dropbox data is stored. When a member of staff leaves the business, their Dropbox data can be wiped from every device that it was stored on.

Team folders in Dropbox for Business mean that you can organise your company data into files and folders, just as you would on a traditional server. For many companies this is a big cost saver and a step up from something like SharePoint that isn’t designed as a files and folders replacement.

Dropbox for Business isn’t for everyone but it’s familiar, easy to use and effective. To find out more, contact our sales team at Riverbank (