Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to the latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 10. All you have to do is install it or reserve it by 29 July 2016. We want to guide you through this process to make it easy and painless.

Why you should upgrade

Upgrades are released based on research, improvements and user feedback. The benefits include:

1.  It’s new and improved. You should find Windows 10 has a better user experience

2. It’s the new standard. The reason that Microsoft is offering a free upgrade is to establish it as the new standard across all PCs. It’s the best operating system to be on, it’s fully supported and will get all the security patches you need. You don’t want to be running obsolete software

3. The upgrade is free – get it while you can. Remember, there will be a cost for installation

Why you should not upgrade

Any change on your computer comes with risks. These include:

1. Your PC might be too old to upgrade to Windows 10

2. The new version might not be compatible with devices such as your printer or your phone

3. You might have software that isn’t compatible with Windows 10. You don’t want to upgrade and find your accounts software has stopped

4. The upgrade could fail, leaving your computer non-functional until we do a complete reinstallation


What to do next

If you’re a Riverbank client:

If you want to roll out Windows 10 across your company, contact your account manager straight away on or call 01235 823135. We need to take action before 29 July 2016.

If you’re not a Riverbank client:

Before you do upgrade, a word of caution. If you have an old computer it’s probably better value to get a new PC that comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. It will be faster and it removes any risk of an upgrade that fails. Even if you have a fairly recent computer, stop and check that your equipment and applications will work ok on the new Windows. You don’t want to find that you have all the shiny new features but your accounts software doesn’t work and you can’t print.

If you are unsure, get some professional advice. The Riverbank Windows 10 team will be pleased to help. Call us on 01235 426700 or email