On Friday we gave a quick overview the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. The scope of these security flaws is unprecedented, so more details are being announced all the time. Keeping track of it is a headache even for techies, let alone the rest of us.

This article is a central reference for news and resources. It will receive regular plain-English updates, to help you keep track and make sense of it all.

What Are Meltdown and Spectre?

Our Friday blog gave a quick rundown of what these vulnerabilities are. To recap:

Meltdown allows attacks on the foundation of the computer operating system, such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. This gives access to what should be the highest security areas of memory, where things like passwords are held. It affects Intel processors made over the last 20 years, as well as some ARM chips.

Spectre affects Intel, ARM and AMD processors. It exploits the fact modern CPUs ‘guess’ what the outcome of a set of instructions will be, before it actually completes them. These can then be spied on via the vulnerability, giving applications access to data that ordinarily would be hidden from them.

Servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets are all affected. Using a Mac, Samsung, Android or similar device is no protection – nearly all modern devices use the relevant processors.

How Do I Protect Myself?

The scope of these vulnerabilities is huge, which means there are a lot of areas which need action. You can read about these in our quick guide on what to consider.

What Are Riverbank Doing?

Internally, we are taking all the steps advised in our guide, following best practice standards. For our clients, we will be:

  • Managing Windows OS updates (servers and end user devices)
  • Performing all relevant updates to the Riverbank Cloud platform
  • Providing a free report on your hardware, operating system, BIOS, and browser version

We are already running patch testing, planning so we can deliver critical updates as smoothly as possible. If you have questions about your particular circumstances then please contact us and we’ll be happy to go through things directly.

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