How Hackers can steal your password

Researchers at Newcastle University revealed that the way in which you tilt your smartphone can arm cyber-criminals with all they need to figure out your passwords and pin numbers.

They studied the movement of smartphones whilst the screens were in use. Shockingly, they managed to crack four-digit Android PINS with an accuracy of 70%.

The researchers also publicised that a standard smartphone comes equipped with 25 sensors.
Lead researcher, Dr Mehrnezhad, commented, “most smartphones, tablets, and other wearables are now equipped with a multitude of sensors, from the well-known GPS, camera and microphone to instruments such as the gyroscope, proximity, NFC, and rotation sensors and accelerometer.

“But because mobile apps and websites don’t need to ask permission to access most of them, malicious programs can covertly ‘listen in’ on your sensor data and use it to discover a wide range of sensitive information about you such as phone call timing, physical activities and even your touch actions, PINs and passwords.

Although most tech giants such as Google and Apple are aware of the sensor issue, they have yet to discover a solution to the problem.

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