How OneNote organises your business 


You’ve got bright ideas, multiple to-do lists, different projects and a million and one things going on. Thoughts pop up and you want to capture them. That’s what OneNote is for.  

It is quick and simple to use, allowing you to make notes and capture ideas very quickly. Use it to assemble your to-do list, build an agenda for a meeting or take notes at an event. Incorporate photos, make your own sketches or hand-write directly into OneNote. 

Organise your notes like you would in a paper organiser; use tabbed sections for different categories and within each section create multiple pages. The difference is that your OneNote organiser has an almost limitless capacity.  

Why should you use it? 

Get organised – Escape from yellow sticky notes and pages of paper on your desk. If you write useful things on paper, eventually you will have to write them again into your computer. So, go digital right away and capture them in OneNote.
Save precious time. OneNote is quick to load and it auto-saves everything so there’s no Save button to worry about.
Free your mind. Because OneNote doesn’t get in the way, you are free to focus on your thoughts. Choose the section and page you need in two clicks and your information is in the right place, right away.  

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Work flexibly  – OneNote works on all iOS, Win, Mac, and android devices and synchronises quickly between them all. No matter where you are, all those thoughts are always right there.

Because your OneNote data is also stored in the cloud (that’s how it can be replicated across all your devices), you can access it from anywhere on any device. Just log on to your OneNote from a web browser.
And if you are wondering what happens when you don’t have internet access, OneNote stores your data on the device you are using, making it always available, online and offline. 

Total recall – With your thoughts safely stored in OneNote, give yourself almost perfect recall by using the Search facility to find anything, anywhere in OneNote. 

And there’s more 

Microsoft has been putting a lot of development effort into OneNote, increasing its capabilities and making it more secure. 

Security – Because OneNote data is stored in the Microsoft cloud, it’s protected by Microsoft. You won’t suddenly discover that your data has gone.

Having your business data available in the cloud and on every device is great, but there is a danger that you lose control of confidential data. This is a big fear of IT Managers and business owners. Because OneNote is part of the Office 365 family of Microsoft applications, you can use Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security tools to control where data is stored and who can access it. The Riverbank SAFE service is one example of this.  

Sharing – Collaboration is a major feature of the modern workplace. OneNote has the capability to share data with colleagues. You aren’t limited to a single OneNote notebook so you can create a new OneNote notebook for your team to share. Switch to your shared notebook and work with your colleagues in real time. 

 And have you discovered Microsoft Teams yet? As you might expect, Teams is dedicated to helping people work together and work anywhere. OneNote is integrated into Teams, so you can create a OneNote team notebook inside the Teams application (if you want to find out more about Teams, click here). 

More features – One very neat feature in OneNote is the option to dictate your notes. You might need to install a free add-in called Learning Tools. It’s worth the effort, though, because it works very well and it’s multi-lingual. And, of course, it will also read aloud from OneNote.  

How do I get it? 

The best way to buy OneNote is through an Office 365 licence. Any of the subscriptions that include Office applications also include OneNote, from Office 365 Business upwards. 

To learn more about how you can use OneNote to get more done more easily, call Riverbank on 01235 426700 or pop an email to and we’ll be happy to help. 

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