One of the easiest things people can do to protect themselves against Meltdown and Spectre is updating browsers. This is a very easy step that needn’t cost you anything more than the time it takes each person to follow some simple steps.

Each browser is slightly different, so here’s how for the 5 most common:

Internet Explorer

You can download the latest version of IE from here. Select the version you want from the list. It will take you to a new page with a download button. Click this and once it has downloaded, run it. It will take you through the update process.

If you are unsure of which version of Internet Explorer you are using, you can easily check. Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘About Internet Explorer’. If you do not have ‘Tools’ then you are on an older version and should instead go to ‘Help’ and then ‘About Internet Explorer’.

Microsoft Edge

Make sure your operating system is patched to the latest version. If you are a Riverbank client, we do this for you. If not, you can find out how to do so yourself here. By turning on automatic updates, your computer should check to see what is available and ask you to install the latest update.


Mozilla’s Firefox was very fast off the line in getting a security patch out. You can read about how to update Firefox with their very friendly guide here.


Google have announced the security patch for Chrome is due by the end of January. Once it is available you can apply it by following these steps.


This is another browser linked to its operating system, so you need to keep your Mac OS up to date in order to patch Safari. Here’s how.


By updating browsers in this way, you are protecting yourself against one channel of attack. With the vulnerabilities covering such a broad range, it is important to be as thorough as possible.


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