Malcolm Newdick on encryption

Malcolm Newdick, Managing Director, relays insights on encryption from keynote speaker Jimmy Wales at IP EXPO on 7th October 2015. . Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, told an audience at today’s IP Expo that the growth of encryption of the internet was not only vital for business but is hugely important in protecting human rights.

Encryption of internet traffic means that organisations that might want to spy on you, like authoritarian governments, can see who you are communicating with but not what you are saying. The direct impact of this for Wikipedia is that the Chinese government has to block the whole of Wikipedia, not just the pages it might not want its citizens reading.

For businesses with intellectual property to protect, encryption is an essential component of their IT security and it’s often overlooked. Normal email traffic, for example, is completely open to whoever wants to read it while it is in transit.

What is making encryption easier to use is ever-increasing power of computer hardware. Servers are easily able to handle the overhead of encryption and decryption that a few years ago would have crippled their performance.

Don’t take your liberty or your company’s security for granted. Make sure your confidential information stays confidential, in every sector of your work.