One of the benefits of Cloud services is the speed of implementation. New businesses can be up and running almost in an instant. Need a place to store company data? Want it fully backed up and with control over who can edit what? Want it available on all your mobile devices? No problem. It’s ready for you right now. Just start working. Gone are the days of having to specify a server, wait two weeks for it to arrive, then spend a fortune on configuration. Instead it’s a simple charge per person per month.

Riverbank has two levels of ‘instant cloud’ available as part of our Riverbank Cloud Essentials package. One is the business version of Dropbox, that you are probably familiar with already. The second is an enterprise-level system with a host of features and controls that businesses demand.

The options available to you include:

  • Your data synchronised between all the people in your team and all devices.
  • Your data stored in the cloud but you access it just like an office file server.

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