Is protecting your business data a paranoid waste…or could it just make good business sense?

Written by Steve Miller, Sales Manager

A large part of my job involves talking to people about things they don’t want to hear. I can understand why. Cloud services & IT security often mean discussing unwelcome truths about their business.

Plus, it can sound a lot like out-takes from The Matrix. Your business is the target of faceless hackers. Zombie botnets are out to steal your data.
And there’s me, not even dressed in black.

But businesses are starting to realise how much of their value exists in this virtual world. The sum of their workflows and knowledge-sharing and customer contact. Servers exist solely to run workloads. Staff are employed for their skills and knowledge.

At risk of sounding all cod-philosophical: the physical exists only to provide a platform for the virtual. We protect those physical assets because we need them to get the (un)real work done.
Intelligent use of cloud solutions can add resilience to these physical assets. Mobile Device Management and BYOD policies help you define their extent. Once you’ve done that, you can protect it.

But many businesses put little, if any, thought into doing so. Steps are usually limited to:

– Knowledge and skill sharing (to protect against staff going on holiday or being ill)
– Anti-virus software (to protect against computers being ill)
– Data backup (to protect against critical business data going on holiday)

Anything more than this is treated with suspicion; seen as either a luxury or a paranoid waste. For many, this misconception has just been laid painfully bare.

Businesses need to properly confront their IT risk exposure and ask themselves the unpleasant questions: Have I sufficiently invested in protection? From which direction is an attack likely to come? Do I, in fact, have my head in the sand?

Humans are naturally risk-averse, so we tend to avoid asking ourselves these things. We would rather not know there’s a risk in the first place. It impacts our every decision, from healthcare to holidays.

That way of thinking needs to change if your business wants to stay in business. It all boils down to one fundamental need: properly understanding what you have and making sure you protect it.

Even if only at a very high level.

For example, at Riverbank we recommend keeping backup data both off-site and off-domain. The former protects you against your physical site burning down; the latter, your virtual site burning down.

You don’t need to understand the details of how – that’s for us to do. But you should at least understand the importance of why.

Drop me a line and I’ll bore you about it.

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Steve Miller is the Sales Manager at Riverbank IT Management, with over a decade of consultative sales experience. After several years of strategic IT engagement, he understands the value of forward-thinking IT. His main goal is ensuring delivery of IT solutions that support wider business goals, to deliver measurable benefits.