The news last week of a £1.3m theft from Barclays via a bogus computer engineer really is a lesson for all of us. It shows that you can have all the security in the world, but you have none at all if you open your door and let the thief in.

At Riverbank we spend a lot of time worrying about the IT security of our clients. The theft at Barclays provides a dramatic demonstration of the need for physical security and for systems to ensure that IDs are checked and that no-one can simply bypass your security.

Your IT security needs might not be as stringent as a bank’s, but should you consider where the gaping holes in your security might be? Is your server room locked? Is your server even in a controlled space? Do you verify the identity of every electrician or IT engineer that wants access to your server room? It’s worth giving some thought to this before the embarrassing or expensive security lapse occurs.

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