Today is “Change your Twitter password” day

written by Malcolm Newdick

Twitter told the world yesterday that it had been accidentally logging user passwords in plain text. That means you must change your Twitter password today. If you use one password for multiple sites, like millions of other people do, think about updating all the places where you use that password.

There is no panic about this because there is no evidence that any passwords were released, but for your own protection it would be wise to plug this know security issue today. And while you are there, it’s good practice to turn on two-factor authentication. This will send an additional code to your phone each time you log on to Twitter, meaning that your account can’t be compromised if someone does get hold of your password. In Twitter just go to your account, then choose Security.

If you do set up the additional security today, allow up to five minutes for your first code to come through to your phone. It looks like lots of people are setting this up today.