Managing cyber security in an insecure world

Cyber Security used to be vandalism, then it evolved into theft, now it’s changing to war. So in an insecure world, what can you do to stay secure?

Data on computer

You cannot guarantee security; there will always be the ‘unknown unknowns’. But there are the ‘known unknowns’ and you can do something about those. For most of us, these ‘known unknowns’ revolve around three things that are pretty straightforward to control: devices, applications and identity.


Don’t let unknown or unauthorised devices connect to you network. Use device management to control them.


Applications can be the soft underbelly of security, enabling users to access thIngs they shouldn’t have access to. One simple way to control applications is to prevent people installing them. Control the use of mobile apps and don’t let your staff have administrator-level access to their PCs.


At its most basic, have effective control over starters and leavers. Make sure there is no-one with access to your systems that shouldn’t be there. Then manage user permissions so your people only have access to the data they need.

If you need help in any of these areas, ask Riverbank. We are here to help and here to keep you secure.