The Guardian’s article, Huge rise in hack attacks as cyber-criminals target small businesses’, succinctly highlights that cyber-attacks are increasingly focussed on SMEs: “…small businesses [are] now firmly in the crosshairs of cyber criminals, they are fast becoming their favoured target – and are often woefully unprepared.”

In order to best serve our clients with our products and services, Riverbank conducted an independent cyber-security survey – and concur with The Guardian’s conclusions.

Nothing is better in fighting off cyber-attacks than having a data breach plan in place; the most up-to-date hardware and software; well-trained staff and partnering with a specialist company such as Riverbank IT Management.

A great start along that journey is to download the Met’s ‘Little Book of Big Scams’.

Free e-book – the Met’s ‘Little Book of Big Scams’

If you have any questions or as page 24 of the book suggests “consider employing or consulting a computer expert / IT security consultant”, please call us on 01235 426700 or email to speak with an expert, here at Riverbank.