Microsoft has at last released a UK version of Office Mobile for Windows phone, iPhone and iPad, and for Android. But it might not be quite what you expect.

Office Mobile is not simply a cut-down version of Office to run on your mobile device; you also need an Office 365 subscription. But this isn’t a Microsoft ruse to make you take out an unnecessary subscription. It’s part of the way that Microsoft sees its world changing.

In the old world you bought a PC and installed a copy of Office on it. In the new world you have multiple mobile devices and you need to have Office on each one. You also want access to your data files wherever you are. This is what Office 365 delivers for any size organisation, from sole traders to corporations. You always have the latest version of Office plus you get an online data store (SkyDrive).

It’s your decision about joining in with Microsoft’s vision of the future. But if you are thinking about it, Riverbank is here to help.