A recent Guardian article about expensive business time-wasters put IT at number three on their list, just below needless business meetings and time spent on social media. IT issues don’t just waste your time, they can be immensely frustrating and sapping; you don’t normally get emotional about your PC, but boy oh boy it gets emotional when the thing won’t work properly.

Our role at Riverbank isn’t just a reactive technical one. We are here to minimise that frustrating downtime. Around half of our work goes completely unseen – making sure servers aren’t filling up and that they have the capacity to do the job you need, installing vital updates to operating systems and applications, and so on.

At a business level, our account managers are your IT manager. Their job is to make sure that your IT keeps pace with the growth and changing needs of your business. They also keep you informed of new technology that might make a difference to you.

It all helps to keep your business busy and productive.

If you don’t already use Riverbank to make your business run more smoothly, get in touch. We would love to introduce you to some of the businesses that we work with. Contact Isobel McKay or Kieron Drake on 01235 426700 or email sales@riverbank.co.uk.