A Chinese company at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC), revealed that mobile fingerprint sensors can actually be tricked using a fake finger.

At MWC, Vkansee demonstrated fooling lower-res mobile sensors into granting access using fake digits from modelling clay. It was noted that even poorly made fingerprint copies are still able to break into a phone.

In light of this shocking revelation, Vkansee has designed a high-resolution fingerprint scanner with a 2000 dpi resolution. This scanner has four times the traditional resolution and can even identify sweat pores and “micro-features” of a fingerprint. These features make this scanner nearly impossible to fool with a fake fingerprint.

Unlikely possibility

However, in the MWC demonstration, the finger being copied had to be kept in a gel for up to five minutes. So the actual risk of having your fingerprint replicated using a copy is very low.

The president of Vkansee, Jason Chaikin, highlighted that with increasing mobile payments such online banking and shopping, the possible benefits for someone breaking into a mobile phone are growing.

Bumping up mobile security is fast becoming as important as keeping your computer protected.