1) Simplified document sharing

A share button has been added, which makes document sharing very simple. This button has been added to the upper-right corner of your Office apps. When you click on this button, it gives you one-click access to share the document with anyone in your contact list.

2) Real-time co-authoring

Although co-authoring is not a new idea, with Office 2016 you can edit a document in real-time. Therefore, you can see exactly what your co-authors are editing in a Word Document or PowerPoint presentation, as they do it. This useful tool is available no matter where you are or what device you choose to use.

3) Smart attachments

Like many people, you send emails with attachments on a daily basis. In earlier versions of Office, to add an attachment to an email you needed to navigate through your various folders and sub-folders to find where the document is stored. This is still available in Office 2016, however if the document you want to attach is one that you worked on recently, it will appear in a handy list of shareable documents in Outlook. Saving you the pain of searching for your document.

One caveat is that Outlook 2016 does not work with Exchange 2007, so if you are using Exchange 2007 or have any other concerns about Office 2016 compatibility please call Riverbank on 01235 823 130 or email enquiries@riverbank.co.uk.