Written by Malcolm Newdick, Director, Riverbank IT Management

Porsche Passport is the sports car company’s new ‘car as a service’ offering, launched in October. Pay a mere US$2,000 per month subscription and you can drive the Porsche of your choice. It’s one more sign of the transition from buying stuff to renting it. The more expensive the item and the higher the maintenance risk, the more people are inclined to subscribe rather than purchase.

The motor industry is famously slow to change (it is, after all,19th century technology under the bonnet) but in IT people have long been buying ‘IT as a service’. Riverbank clients have for years been buying security as a service and backup as a service. It makes sense to let your IT provider choose the tools and take on the maintenance and monitoring challenges when you don’t understand the technology and frankly you don’t want to.

At Microsoft’s Future Decoded event this week there was a lot of talk of IT moving more to a service model as business moves into the Cloud. Expect to hear more from us at Riverbank about moving your office servers to the Cloud and managing your security in the Cloud, alongside our more established range of IT security and cloud-based services. Just don’t ask us for a Porsche.

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